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Bo, martial arts staff in hardwood. Designed for younger martial artists.

Youth Tapered Hardwood Bo

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Training for floor work with a bo takes speed, style, and skill. 

If you want to work on speed, then a Bo needs to be tapered and well balanced.  Ours are light enough that you’ll be whipping that staff around faster than a Ferrari greased with cheetah blood.

For style, that’s easy. The colour choices alone are so bold that even the cheap seats will see the neon blur of your martial arts prowess! You’re trying to get noticed; now is no time to be subtle.

And then there’s skill… well that’s on you.

Specifically designed for young martial artists, this bo is composed of hardwood and tapers from 1 inch at the centre to 0.75 inches at the ends.

Available Lengths: Youth 4', 4..5' and 5'

Approx. Weight: Starting at 1lb.