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XMA Xtreme Sword

XMA Xtreme Sword

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XMA Xtreme Sword
Exemplify the spirit of XMA with this beautifully crafted competition sword.  Blade is made from aircraft grade aluminum and features: blood groove, XMA Kanji symbol laser etching, nonsharpened with a serrated edge and polished to a high shine. 
Handle and scabbard are made from natural red oak.  Includes braided cording for securing your sword to the scabbard. Blade cannot be sharpened.
Unique x shape handguard.  
Size: 28", 33", 38"

Available in three lengths:

71 cm (28") overall length with 48 cm (19") blade 
85 cm (33.5") overall length with 58 cm (23") blade
96 cm (38") overall length with 65 cm (26") blade