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POW/MIA Send Us Back T-Shirt
POW/MIA Send Us Back T-Shirt

POW/MIA Send Us Back T-Shirt

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American servicemen and servicewomen make a solemn oath when they put on the uniform an oath than no one will be left behind. We look each other in the eyes and say, I will bring you back to U.S. soil, no matter what. I will risk life and limb for you, because you are my brothers and sisters in arms and there is nothing more important than that bond.

This maxim plays out in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan today as it did in every war that our nation has participated in. It lives in our Soldiers Creed, in the Ranger Creed, and in our hearts, though few Americans are aware of what acts of bravery occur on a daily basis that make it a reality. Sometimes, they get a flavor for it, when great men like MSG Gary Gordon or SFC Randall Shughart give their lives to uphold it, and Hollywood deems their accomplishment worthy enough to canonize.

Unfortunately, our government doesn't share this bond, and men are left behind.

Our Vietnam veterans have fought this reality for years, and as many civilians and members of government were comfortable sweeping that war under the table, those veterans were forced to take up that struggle alone. For years after the war, the Vietnam Veteran stood alone fighting for his lost comrades abroad. But these veterans didn't stop there. You found them welcoming returning troops in the Desert Storm, in Panama, in Somalia, and today in OEF and OIF while they still continue to pressure our government and populace to return every man and woman to U.S. soil. They have made it their duty where it should be every American's duty.

They have fought this battle alone for too long and it is time for our generation of veterans to join the fight that the Vietnam Veteran has fought honorably for so long.

That feeling was our inspiration for this shirt. We have modified the classic Vietnam era image of the POW looking down, left behind, with that same POW looking up to see a rescue mission finally arriving for our country to finally make that promise a reality. The back of the shirt quite simply states, Bring them Home, or Send us Back.

I dare you to find a troop not willing to go on that mission.

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