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Anti-Terrorism: The Advanced Tactics DVD

Anti-Terrorism: The Advanced Tactics DVD

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Backed up by his long professional trajectory with law enforcement in the United States, Capitan Martinez Sesto shows us the different reactive neutralizing possibilities in the field of C.Q.B. (CLOSE QUARTER BATTLE).

These can be executed with a wide margin of reliability during terrorist acts, as much for the elite professional as for civilians. The methods employed are based on the P.T.P. (Pressure Tactical Points) and A.T.P. (Attack Tactical Points) groups of the human anatomy, which impose instantaneous shock on the central nervous system, decisively neutralizing the subject.

We will study the advanced exercises, firearm disarm methods, footwork, the application of the A.T.P., and unarmed combat, all of them responsive actions in official use in 48 police departments, national security agencies and special forces around the world.


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